January 22, 2016

Case study: city-level investment promotion

The new EU budget cycle provides great funding opportunities for Hungarian cities' investment promotion efforts between 2016-2019. Here I share the investment promotion plans and hows of one of my clients, the Municipality of Hajduboszormeny, hoping you will find it inspiring.
source: consolidationofaccounts.com

Hajduboszormeny is an Eastern Hungarian little town with 32k inhabitants. The new investment promotion programme will be involved into a 'local employment pact' funded by the European Social Fund. The employment pact will provide workforce development: trainings and job creation subsidies, involving my old idea: 'tech language education' (teaching the basic English/German language used by operators of a modern manufacturing plant).

The Municipality's investment promotion strategy focuses on low-cost manufacturing in traditional industries like food processing, textile and light industry, metal processing & mechatronics. The main target markets are the U.S and China (because of several reasons, e.g: the increasing costs in China make the Eastern European manufacturing more and more attractive; the U.S. food processing industry is less globalized than other industries and we hope the TTIP will push these companies on the international scene etc).

The investment promotion part of the employment pact probably will involve the following activities:
  • networking with organisations like AmCham Hungary, ChinaCham Hungary, providing a sales story (elevator pitch) for their member companies,
  • networking with national investment promotion agencies like HIPA Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency, CIPA Chinese Investment Promotion Agency,
  • event marketing: presence on international events of targeted industries, sponsoring interesting and useful presentations
  • business intelligence and company visits abroad: identifying and visiting the potential investors, with the help of Hungarian embassies and HIPA
  • Photo Album about the local business environment and opportunities (I will write a blog post sometimes to tell you: your printed marketing brochures have 0 impact on site selectors, exept when you tell your city's story by images),
  • media presence in target industies' professional media,
  • blog & social media marketing: find some ideas about this topic bellow:

I hope I was discreet but useful. If not, do not hesitate to contact me!