December 15, 2014

Our blog's web analytics in 2014

We are a small but growing economic development blog, so proudly share our web performance in 2014:

source: Google Analytics

In 2014, Business Park Institute blog's visitors arrived exactly 100 countries of the world. Almost 45% came from the US and 30% from the EU. Regarding cities, our visitors work in 933 cities of the world, most visitors arrived from Indianapolis, Sao Paulo, New York, Athens and Budapest.

Traffic Sources
source: Google Analytics

Till the beginning of December 2014, we have a modest 2,192 sessions across 92 traffic sources. Most relevant sources were the direct reach, LinkedIn, Google and Slideshare.

Most Popular Content

The top 5 blog posts in 2014 were
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Cheers and good luck for 2015!