October 23, 2014

How to manipulate media to talk about your location?

Ryan Holiday, the media manipulator 's best-selling book is about media hack in general. He also published a short excerpt on SlideShare (bellow). I have very controversial feelings about this highly unethical resource, however after the slides I give some tips: how to manipulate media to promote your location.

#1 Your location's story
You cannot "feed the monster" with mediocre, promotional information. You have to develop something interesting news about your location, and fit to your place brand at the same time. Try to think outside the box and forget economic development goals. E.g. one of my municipality client have a great, locally created contemporary painting collection. We will provide it free of charge to a large international chamber of commerce, to decorate their office, and demonstrate their commitment to contemporary arts. We expect: this kind of "cultural diplomacy" project will highlight our location and will generate large publicity. 

#2 Choose the proper media
Ryan Holiday is talking about the media chain to manipulate. However, its first link is critical, I guess. If you need a nationwide business media publicity, the puppy magazine of your boss' nephew is not the best choice. Don't move towards to lowest resistance, invest time and energy to find the proper first media.

I'm really curious about your opinion, please share it.