May 23, 2014

How to write an economic development blog which worth time and effort

Is there any space in economic development for social media marketing, or is it a fancy trend for tech companies only?

Every growing company has to find new locations and sites to do business, but the dedicated members of a site selection team have no easy job. Why? Site selectors are corporate professionals, they know nothing about competing investment destinations and probably do site selection once and last in their lifetime. Maybe they have professional site selection consultant, maybe not. Anyway, they have to collect information about 10-20 locations, have to analyze and rank them and have to make a final presentation - and show it to the board of the company. During this process, they will love any help from you.

Instead of producing expensive place branding materials, try to support site selectors online - this is the goal of economic development blogging, or, as I call, investment destination blogging:

What is and what isn't possible on this way? That's clear: you cannot attract new companies into your location, based on blogging only. But there are some pretty strong benefits of economic development blogging which worth time and effort:
  1. Highlight yourself - during your site selection support, you can involve your strength to your analysis, and you can highlight your location. This kind of strength based involvement help you to land on the long list of site selectors - and this is the goal of economic development blogging.
  2. SEO, media presence - on the internet, "content is king", search engines like Google will appreciate your content writing efforts, and will improve your search engine ranking. But your overall media presence will be much better, e.g. one of my economic development blog posts was cited by the offline magazine of AmCham Hungary.
  3. Increase reputation - finally, your team reputation as a location and a destination expert will be much higher. I took part on more site selection negotiations based on my content marketing about Hungarian locations (and managed the building of fancy factories in the competing locations - but this is another story about site selection...)
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