March 6, 2014

Best practices of investment promotion YouTube channels

Try to support online the site selection process, and site selectors will love you and your highlighted location. On this way, an economic development YouTube channel can be an excellent tool.

City branding channel of Bremen, Germany

When you think about the launch a new location marketing YouTube channel, or just like to improve the existing one, there are some points to consider:

#1 Relevance
Long Tail is not a title of a porn movie, but one of the most important article of internet marketing. The concept propose to focus on niche markets, or in our case: niche online content. Forget the all winning, all-in videos, try to produce targeted videos for your target industry. BREMENbewegt, the investment promotion YouTube channel of the city Bremen, Germany do this: the channel is organized into groups of target industry-relevant videos. My only problem with BREMENbewegt is its language relevance: it's in German, but the target industries (maritime logistics, aviation, branded foods, green energy etc) are highly internationalized (auf English, bitte sehr).

#2 Create professional videos or collect the videos of others
The quality of videos are critical. A smartphone-made, amateur video can destroy your reputation. If you or your city has no local (offline) TV company, try to collect professional videos from others. BREMENbewegt do the same, just like the YouTube channel of Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City.

#3 Storytelling
As I wrote several times, online place branding is about data-driven storytelling. You have to be factual, avoiding marketing bullshit. And you have to tell stories for your target industry professionals. Rotterdam Investment Agency's YouTube channel is a good example, their "Rotterdam Energy Port" video is one of my favorites:

#4 The 80 seconds rule
During my affair with hotel internet marketing I learned a very important thing. Travelers ("hotel site selectors") prefer very short, focused videos - 80 seconds are the average time they are willing to watch videos. I don't know any similar data in the field of investment promotion, but we can suppose: good place branding videos have to be short. 2-3 minutes optimally.

After DOs, some words about DON'Ts. Try to avoid victory reports, and try to skip B2C place branding content (typically: videos for tourist) in your investment promotion YouTube channel. Creating a new channel for tourists is cheap, and you can hold the relevance of your B2B channel.

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