September 27, 2013

Case study: a successful investment destination blog post

This investment destination blog post was data-driven and provoking, debates on LinkedIn - where I shared it - resulted more hundred comments. The target industry professionals got a positive attitude to invest in my destination.

Screenshot of Manufacturing Hungary Blog, with some comments

The goal of Manufacturing Hungary Blog is to promotote Eastern Hungary, and especially my client, the M35 Business Park online. One of our blog posts compared a competing Chinese manufacturing location (Shenzen) to several Eastern European locations, in a very successful way. Now lets see, why.

#1 The provoking title
As I wrote earlier in the destination blog template, the title is the crutial part of your blog post: people normally read it and decide to read further or not. It's the 'advertisment' of your content. In our case, the title was the message: "Will Eastern Europe provide lower labour costs than China?" China is the nr.1 investment destination of the world, currently because of its super-low cost labour market. When we queried this paradigm, we provoked tons of manufacturing industry professionals.

#2 Data-driven body text
It's easy to be provoking: just share your politically incorrect opinion about a hot topic. To be factual and the same time provoking, it's much more difficult. The bad news: nobody, especially your prospects are not curious about your opinion and your pushing marketing speech. Your prospects are interested in exciting and useful data. I cannot overstress: you have to provoke with rock-solid numbers. In the blog post, we collected all the labour costs (salleries and social contributions) in Eastern European regions (in-country data) and also in Shenzen, we collected all exchange rates etc - and provided links to data. Anybody can check it, the numbers talk for themselves.
Here is an embedded presentation about this topic, view it please. The internet is full with marketing bullshit, but the data-driven blogging is very rare:

#3 Spectacular image
Pictures worth 1000 words, it was one of the first rules of internet marketing I learned. If you cover your prospects with dry numbers only, you can be provoking and factual, but nobody will read it. Visualization is the key to sell your content. In the blog post, we created a European map, which visualize the Eastern European labour costs (darker colours means higher labour costs) plus we created a chart which shows the Eastern European labour costs in the % of Shenzen costs.

#4 Would your target audience pay for your content?
Another secret of business blogging: refine your blog post until you feel, your prospects would pay for it. Naturally, it's free of charge, but when you treat your blog post as a product which has to be sold, you will avoid the pushing marketing bullshit.

Finally, I have to confess: I love investment destination blogging. If you need some help, feel free to contact me.

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