July 12, 2013

Professional investment destination blogging: a template for beginners

Investment destination blogging is a relatively new idea in investment promotion and economic development (I know: I found it out so you should be a beginner). Lets see a scheme how to write a blog post!

Screenshot of Manufacturing Hungary Blog, managed by Business Park Institute

#1 Provoce with your title
You cannot underestimate the importance of a blog post title. Your title is the advertisment of your content, it sells the following stuff. Most readers look at your title only and decide to keep reading or not - so it's a "make it or break it" element of your blog post.
There are some rules how to write great titles:
  • Focus on the benefits provided by your location: instead describing your location, talk about the "user's benefits". E.g, if you blog about Jamaica Logistics Hub, instead using a title like "50 feet harbor closed to the extended Panama Canal" write "All cross ocean ships can be hosted in near-Panama Canal port".
  • Make it shortly. People just scan title tags, so don't write a novel. Use 10 words maximum.
  • Involve keywords. You write not just for your readers (prospects) but also for search engines like Google. And via Google, people can find your blog using keywords related to your destination. Staying by the Jamaica example, keywords like Panama Canal, logistics etc can be important for search engine optimization. To find good keywords and word combos, visit Google Trends.
  • Provoce! Honestly said, I tried out many types of titles, and after the smart, benefit oriented, short, keyword-involving title tags I realized: provocative titles works. The direct goal of title is "click-through", make readers click on it when read it in LinkedIn groups, google target lists etc. Provocative title promises something surprising and new, so don't forget to deliver surprise and news in your body text.

#2 Add some information in your first paragraph
In your first paragraph/sentence, provide some explanation to your title. Write about more "user's benefit", use forther keywords, or simply keep provocing. The goal of this first paragraph (we can call it subtitle if you want) is to reconfirm readers: to read our blog post was a good decision.

#3 Use a large image/infographics related to your title
Images worth 1000 words, the old rule of internet. Try to find an impressive image which presents what you are talking about. In Jamaica example, it could be a large Panamax ship in the Kingston port. If you have data about your topics, you can create an infographics (I prefer Infogr.Am)
And do not forget to remark the source of your image and your data.

#4 Body text
Your main text should be factual, useful and interesting. The best if you talk about some useful and interesting facts of your destination, e.g: analyze some key features of Caribbean ports including Port Royal in Jamaica. Some furher rules:
  • Specific topics. Don't tell everything in a single blog post, focus on the specific feature of your location. Finding topics is a kind of art, we will talk about it in the future.
  • Concentric: Start with the bigger picture (e.g Caribbean ports) and go ahead to Jamaica. Practically, the investment destination in this case the Caribbean and Central America, closed to the extended Panama Canal. And the location what you sell is Jamaica.
  • Short: write a half A4 equal text only.

#5 Background video
People prefer to view videos than to read the same information (somewhere I've seen a nice infographich about it). On the top of that: Google loves embedded videos (especially: embedded YouTube videos), and ranks your post much higher with a video. The background video provides background information to your blog post, and makes it a 21th century multi-media channel. Choose a short, maximum 10 minutes (even more: 5 minutes) video.
In Jamaica case, I would recommend an embedded short video about the efforts of the Government:

What if you simply don't find any related, interesting and useful material on YouTube? The back-up plan:  find and embed a SlideShare.Net presentation.

#6 Call to action
At the end of your blog post tell your reader what to do if he/she liked/ was agree with your statements. Calls to action can be
  • Visit your "sales site" - a website where you are talking about a logistic park in Kingstone, Jamaica
  • Subscribe to your blog updates (I also use this, so don't forget to subscribe above!)
  • Leave a comment after the blog post

The goal of call-to-action is reaching a response from reader - as a blogger you should support site selectors' job, so be happy to answer prospects' questions.

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