May 3, 2013

How to launch an investment destination blog?

You may say it's not your business to promote your location worldwide. But if you share useful business information about your state/country and support the job of site selection teams, you can achieve magnificant benefits - free of charge.

In the classical marketing there are push and pull directions. When you cold call a prospect and try to lease out a business space, this is a typical push approach. Pull marketing is starting with buyer - it pulls her or him into the deal. Social selling/social media marketing, including business blogging, is a typical pull marketing task.


Use your location expertise. When you blog about your destination, keep in mind: the members of a typical site selection team are leaders of functional fields like HR, finance, manufacturing etc. They know nothing (or almost nothing) about your locations's labour market and education, transportation infrastructure, incentives - or real estate market. Start to write about these topics and the information collecting site selectors will highly appriciate your job, and you become an 'investment destination authority'.
In this role, I was invited for more meetings with prospects, who were interested in our destination. I also talked about our competing real estate developers (without tricks, focusing on advantages), but somehow, at the end, our business park was presented as a Business Heaven.

Broadcast yourself. A business park I worked for launched a destination blog about Eastern European electronics manufacturing and logistic locations. One of our blog post called "The best electronic logistic hubs in Eastern Europe" It listed 3 'matured' and 3 'emerging' locations in the destination. Honestly said I'm not sure our buisness park would be listed if someone else write this post... When you talk about your investment destination, you can present your properties in blog post - but be careful and avoid pushing sales offers.

Find blogging partners. To promote your location is the business of your local government or local economic development organization. Try to involve them in investment destination blogging, they will be keen, I promise. This kind of promotion has limited or even more zero costs, and also they can use their location expertise.

In the future we will analyse more details of investment destination blogging, it's maybe enough as a start. You need a think-outside-the-box approach, and the business blogging has no immediate results, so be patient.

Would you like to talk about your distress regarding destination blogging? You are lying on the right coach, just speak.

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