April 5, 2013

4 almost secret ways to promote your business park

You probably has excellent connections to real estate agencies and maybe to the local government, but is it enough to the success? We show you four simple ways to reach more clients.

Polgar, the Industrial Park of the Year 2011, Hungary. A brochure is not enough.

#1 Press presence
The 1st rule of sales is say something interesting. If it's interesting enough, the media will publish it as a news. To produce news about your park/location, it's no way to talk about your fancy new logistic hall - no one wants to hear sales offers. Instead - and this could be the 2nd rule of sales - talk about the client's benefits: what specific and actual (new) benefits do you and your location provide. A new, local vocational education program or a new client (and new jobs) could be a good start.
Focus on business media, and, in key journals, you should buy a PR article to smooth the future connection.

#2 Conference sponsoring
Good to know who is your client. A well managed business park has some target industries and some industry-specific features (e.g: LCD manufacturers need much water to the production). If you know your target market, you can find some forums, where the potential corporate executives are present in a big number. Industry events, industry association's conferences are the best places to focus on.
Last year, the office park I work for as an interim marketing manager, sponsored the national outsourcing association's annual conference. There were all the local managers of global business service companies, the largest tenants of local office market. As a sponsored speech, one of our potential clients talked about himself, the company's best practices - and why they will rent an office from us. For a half-PR article price we got focused and relevant, executive-level introduction.

#3 Study tours
In the hotel industry, study tours are organized for hospitality journalists, tour operators and for other key influencers. This proven way is relatively rare in business park industry, however the situation how to sell a hotel room and to lease out a business space is very similar.
There are several real estate agents, foreign diplomats responsible for economic affairs, joint chamber of commerce etc, who are opened to know more about your investment destination. If you organize a short business trip for them, they can have more in-depth information, more local contacts. If there is an economic development agency in your investment destination, you can share the costs. And remember: say something interesting in your invitation.

#4 Internet marketing
Your business park probably has a nice website. The bad news is websites are dead - you need a strong web presence instead. When we are talking about web presence, we think about useful and interesting content produced for your potential clients, and shared in social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare etc.
Another business park I work for as interim marketing manager, focuses on electronics manufacturing companies. We made a presentation for electronics industry, to support their site selection in Central and Eastern Europe:

Internet marketing also includes business blogging, e.g: the previous business park's ElectroSites Blog is about Eastern European site selection topics - we write useful and true stories about electronics site selection issues, including the fair introduction of our competitors. Because this is almost the only one public source in this topic, we became a site selection authority in CEE electronics industry.

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